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Are you looking for a trusted Howard County property management company? Wayson Enterprises Inc. is the service provider for you!

As an investment option, real estate is in a class of its own. It stands out, offering investors stable income, appreciation in value, and considerable stability against economic shocks. Benefits aside, property management is hard work. Your property as well as your tenants have regular needs that have to be met.

Those who have tried their hand at self-management can attest to the grueling and stressful nature of property management. Call upon the experts at Wayson Enterprises Inc and we can handle all aspects of your property for you.

Wayson Enterprises Inc is a full-service property management company operating in Maryland. As a premier service provider, our team has the qualification, experience, and know-how needed to help property owners to maximize their return on investment. We offer a diverse range of services, from advertising your vacant property to tenant screening and financial reporting.

Operating in Howard County since 2005, there is no better company to call upon for property management services. Whether you’re a local or an out-of-state investor, you can have peace of mind knowing your property is in the best hands in Howard County.

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Our Property Management Services

We offer our clients quality property management services to ensure that they see great returns on their investments. Here are some of the services you’ll be able to enjoy when you work with us:

Marketing and Advertising

Every day an investment property stays vacant is a day of lost opportunity and rental income. Only a rent-ready property can lure in tenants and get that sought-after rent. The team at Wayson Enterprises Inc. can help you with this.

As part of the marketing solution, we will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your property. We will advise on the repairs and necessary improvements you need to make. Our team handles hundreds of properties in the area and their experience comes in handy.

Next, Wayson Enterprises Inc will take photos and videos of your property. The visual aids focus on the main features and highlights of your property. We use a mix of both print and digital marketing strategies to increase the reach of your target audience.
With our professional and experienced team, your property will have a shorter than average vacancy period.

Tenant Screening and Selection

Having reliable tenants can help protect your investment. Tenant screenings ensure that you have a responsible tenant who pays their rent and other dues on time, reasonably maintains their property, and respects their neighbors.


All prospective tenants are required to provide landlord references and information on their employment history. We will also check their credit score and their criminal history. What’s more, you can rest assured that the tenant screening process is conducted in accordance with the Fair Housing Act provisions.

Rent Collection

Timely collection of rent allows landlords to plan their finances on a monthly basis. Knowing how our clients depend on their rental income, Wayson Enterprises Inc. goes out of its way to ensure we collect your rent without any delays.

All rent payment policies are clearly outlined in the lease agreement. In addition, reminders are sent out to your tenants to ensure that they don’t make late payments. To reduce the risk of handling hard cash, we only use online payment options. In the rare case of any late payments, we enforce penalties strictly and professionally.

With our 15 years of service, Wayson Enterprises Inc is the partner you need for your property leasing journey.

Property Inspection and Maintenance

Regular inspections are an important part of our services as a property management company. They allow us to take a proactive approach in identifying and managing property defects. This way, our Howard County clients can avoid having to pay for more costly repairs in the future.


If issues are identified, we will contact our team of professional handymen and contractors. Their quality of workmanship is unmatched in Howard County. You can trust that your property will be well taken care of when you work with us!

About Howard County, Maryland

Howard County is located in the state of Maryland and boasts a population of 325, 690. The region has been seeing consistent and steady growth over the last few years. This could be because the area is considered very safe and a great place to live.

Residents enjoy living in Howard County for its family-friendly activities, delicious restaurant, diverse shopping options, and beautiful outdoor spaces.

Places to visit in the area include B&O Railroad Museum, Alpha Ridge Park, Howard County Living Farm Heritage Museum, and the Autobahn Indoor Speedway.
- Source Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

In addition to Howard County, we also proudly serve, Ellicott City, Baltimore County, Elkridge, Silver Spring, Maryland and Washington, D.C.