Wayson Enterprises was established in January of 2005 as Reeves Management Consultant, a Maryland corporation. In November of 2018, we changed our scope of operations to engage in residential and real estate management including rental, sales, restoration, cleaning, and repairs.

Meet the Team

Our team is experienced and knowledgeable. The team at Wayson Enterprises is led by Emmanuel N. Reeves, a CPA by profession and an entrepreneur. Emmanuel has been working in the real estate and property management industry for 30+ years (since 1987).

S. Roy Reeves, General Manager, holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration and has held several Public and Private Sectors positions.

Diana M. Kelley, Office Assistant, Public Accountant Degree and has held several prominent positions in Bogota, Colombia, and in Maryland, USA.

Areas We Service

Wayson Enterprises provides property management services in Maryland and Washington D.C.. Here are some highlights of the areas.


Baltimore, Maryland is a city in Maryland, located approximately 40 miles northeast of Washington, D.C. According to the latest census estimates, Baltimore has a population of about 590,479 people making it the most populated city in Maryland and the 30th most populated city in the country.

The median value of houses in Baltimore is approximately $156,400, while the median rental costs are $1,051.

baltimore maryland property management

Washington, D.C

Formally known as the District of Columbia, Washington, D.C., is the capital city of the United States. The city is estimated to have a population of about 720,687 people making it the most populous city in the District of Columbia and the 20th most populated in the country.

The median house value in Washington, D.C. is about $568,400. The median rental costs come to an approximate $1,487.

Why Choose Us

Since 2005, property owners have chosen Wayson Enterprises, Inc. to work with us for professional and high-quality services. When you hire us as your property management company, we’ll help you:

washington dc property management

1. Find a quality tenant as fast as possible.

When your property is vacant, you are losing out on your investment returns. At Wayson Enterprises, our goal is to help our clients get their properties rented to good tenants as quickly as we can.

Our marketing process is tailored to each individual property, and not based on a “one size fits all” cookie-cutter model. We combine online and offline marketing strategies to reach as many prospective tenants as we can.

2. Rent to high-quality tenants.

Wayson Enterprises can help find you a high-quality tenant that is more likely to pay rent on time, care for your property, and renew their lease. We qualify prospective tenants based on a four-prong screening process. In this process, we check how much income a tenant makes each month, if they are financially responsible, if they have any history of evictions, and if they have a criminal background.

Using these criteria, we can help you find good tenants which will help you maximize your ROI faster.

3. Ensure monthly rent payments are collected on time, every time.

Rent payments are crucial to having a successful rental investment. When you receive payments consistently each month, you’ll be able to maximize your ROI from your investment. Wayson Enterprises can ensure that qualified tenants rent your property, which makes them more likely to pay on time.

We also enforce the terms of your lease agreement in regards to rent-related matters so that we can collect your payments on time every month.

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4. Conduct regular maintenance and inspections of your rental.

Wayson Enterprises will take good care of your investment property. We will regularly inspect it to ensure tenants are following the terms of the lease agreement and not damaging your property. We also respond to all regular and emergency maintenance requests from your tenants so that you don’t have to.

By being proactive with the maintenance of your property, we’ll ensure it stays rent-ready in case you face an unexpected vacancy. We also ensure that your property complies with all health, safety, and building codes.

5. Handle your property’s legal issues.

Numerous laws govern the landlord-tenant relationships in the United States. These include the Fair Housing Laws, security deposit laws, warranty of habitability laws, and the mutual covenant of quiet enjoyment. Ignorance of the law is no worthy excuse for making legal mistakes.

At Wayson Enterprises, our team understands these laws and stays up-to-date on any changes that take place. We can help you navigate any legal situations you run into with your property.

6. Keep you updated on your property’s financial performance.

Wayson Enterprises believes in honesty, transparency, and accountability in all of our property management services. We’ll keep you in the loop regarding the financial health of your property on a regular basis so that you can make the right economic decisions for your investment.